Sun Fire V880z and SunFire V880z Spare parts

The Sun Fire V880z features single or dual Sun XVR-4000 graphics accelerators that plug directly into the Sun Fireplane interconnect of the Sun Fire V880 server. Up to 6 1.2-GHz UltraSPARC III processors and 48GB of memory. 144 MB of frame buffer memory. Sun XVR-4000 graphics accelerator. Remote System Control (RSC) Also known as: SFV880z / SunFireV880z / Sun FireV880z / Sun Fire V880z / Sun Fire V 880z / V880z / SF880z / A47 / 880z Please cal...


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Sun Fire V880z and SunFire V880z Spare parts

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All parts are covered by our 12 Month Bumper-To-Bumper warranty. If you are unsure of the part you require, email our technical department at for assistance, as they are eager to help you. If you require a quote or delivery details please send us an email or call us at 201-445-3122.

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